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Welcome to Hope Partnership’s ecumenical services

Welcome to Hope Partnership’s ecumenical services

Hope Partnership’s ecumenical services

Regardless of your membership numbers and weekly worship attendance, the size of your budget and endowment, or even the strength of your faith formation and community outreach programs, every church in North America is facing a rapidly evolving religious climate and culture.

You are not alone.

Whether experiencing sustainability challenges or wanting to maintain an exciting pattern of growth, congregations are looking to transform their ministry and connect with their community in new ways.

What do transformational churches have in common? They shift their focus from “what” they are doing to “why.”

Hope Partnership’s ecumenical services can help.

New Beginnings is for the congregation that knows it can’t continue ‘as is’ but doesn’t yet know what to do—and needs to make a choice.

Over 1,000 congregations have engaged the New Beginnings process, with 99% finding clarity and embracing a new vision for their future ministry.

Purpose: During the 6-8-month process you will clarify your context, explore your options, and make an informed decision about your future direction.


Outcome: 99% of all congregations decide on a future path. Of those churches:

  • 60% choose some form of mission re-visioning
  • 35% chose to redevelop the church
  • 5% choose to close, providing their assets for creating new ministry

Target Audience: Congregations seeking to know their options and imagine a new future direction for their ministry

Epiphany is for the congregation longing to become a transforming presence both inside and outside of its church walls.

The Epiphany service is designed to help your congregation imagine, and then live into, a new vision for mission.

Purpose: During the one+ year process your congregation’s leaders will shift the focus from “what” you are doing to “why.” By finding clarity on why you exist, your congregation will discover innovative ways to do ministry and transform your community.


Outcome: Church leaders find their longing for mission and inspire transformation in their congregation and their community.

Discover how your congregation can be a place of transformation.

Target Audience: Congregations seeking to transform their ministry