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2013 General Assembly

2013 General Assembly

2013 General Assembly
July 13-17
Orlando, Florida

Join us as we CELEBRATE OUR PARTNERS at the Disciples Church Extension Fund/Hope Partnership dinner
Saturday, July 13, 5 p.m.
Peabody Hotel Ballroom
Adults @$35; Children under 12 @$25
You do NOT have to be registered for General Assembly to attend this event.

Buy meal tickets today:

  1. Send a check by July 3 to Disciples Church Extension Fund, P.O. Box 7030, Indianapolis IN 46207 with attendee names and return address (also email address, if available).
  2. Visit www.disciples.org/ga. You will need to be registered for General Assembly to buy a meal ticket on this website. Enter your registration user code and password to access meal reservations.



  • Planning for Leadership Development in Your Congregation
    (Disciples Home Mission, Hope Partnership)
    This workshop will explore the characteristics of effective and faithful church leadership and help congregations make a difference within their walls as well as in the life of their extended communities.  Congregational leaders are willing to learn and grow in new and different ways.  They are committed to Jesus Christ and the ministry and mission of the church.  They are flexible and open helping to establish a climate of trust, openness, and frankness.  They have a good understanding of their own faith and a willingness to help ground other in their faith perspectives.  If you are a pastor or other congregational leader looking to develop your skills in leadership, this workshop is for you.
  • MissionPathways: Resources for Congregational Mission
    (Matt Rosine)
    Is your church tired of wordsmithing statements of mission and vision?  Are you burned-out on planning processes that don’t lead anywhere?  Ministry in the 21st century is less about planning and more about preparedness.  How prepared is your congregation to respond to God’s movement in the community?  You are invited to learn about Hope Partnership’s new Mission Pathways resources.  These resources include precise, up-to-date demographic analysis, compassionate guidance and objective assessments of congregational resources for mission.  We will also explore special tools for congregations faced with an oversized facility, limited finances and/or aging membership.  Come hear how you can lead your congregation to new life by following Christ into the mission field of your church’s surrounding community.
  • Fit, Trim and Holy: A Place That’s Right and in the Right Place
    (Rick Reisinger, Ellen Mitchell and Jim Michel)
    Disciples Church Extension Fund will convene a conversation around the questions:  How can congregations become better stewards of their buildings?  How can congregations get past the point of allowing the building to BE the ministry?  How can churches find, create or re-create the place that’s right in the right place and for the right reasons?  Disciples Church Extension Fund will introduce services/assessments they have created for churches whose ministries are being hijacked by their buildings.  These services will help congregations explore options and make decisions about how to become better stewards of their capital resources, so that “holy place” serves rather than hinders God’s mission.
  • Raising Resources to Raise Up Mission: Capital Fundraising at its Abundant Best
    (Maribeth Westerfield and John Davidson)
    Disciples Church Extension Fund will lead a discussion about how congregations can experience successful capital fundraising by putting vision, mission and intentional stewardship of resources first in planning a project and developing a case for support.  Disciples Church Extension Fund will also introduce its redesigned capital fundraising service, which provides the most current methodology and tested counsel to congregations and is customized to help ensure fundraising goals are appropriate and achieved.
  • DARE to Lead! A Call for Courageous Leaders
    (Hope Partnership Staff)
    There is no question that leadership is the key to congregational transformation.  Congregations struggle however with how to develop creative, transformational leadership within their congregation.  In fact, many churches actually chase those leaders away.  At this workshop you will discover THE JOURNEY. A process developed by the Hope Partnership that helps create transformational leadership in your congregation.   Come and experience the components of the journey that empower and prepare clergy and lay leader to lead their congregations to that next place of ministry that results in vital congregations, that are missionally focused and contextually relevant as well as agents of transformation in their communities.


Please stop by our exhibit so we can say hello and share information about how we can partner with you and your leaders to help strengthen your congregation for ministry and mission.

You are invited to join Pastor Sammy Robles and Arise Christian Church for a Multicultural Experience
July 14, 10:30 am
Arise Christian Church is located at
Wycliffe Volunteer Center,
10968 John Wycliffe, Blvd.,
Orlando, Fla. 32832

Testimonies from large new Disciples churches
Monday, July 15, 9:30 p.m.
Orange County Convention Center, Room W222A