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Story First Christian Church of Olympia, Washington

First Christian Church of Olympia, Washington

What is God calling us to do and be in this time and place? 

A courageous congregation answers this question with transformative ministry.

First Christian Church of Olympia, Wash., went on a transformational journey when it partnered with Hope Partnership to engage in the New Beginnings Assessment Service. The impact of the discernment process? A congregation’s true commitment to serve, as described by Pastor Amy Walters:

I was invited to The Evergreen State College last week to speak to a class on Religion, Faith and Society. I was asked to share how we at First Christian Church are working with the homeless communities and why we are reaching beyond our walls. It was a pleasure to be a part of a panel discussion. To hear the thoughtful comments and questions from the students. It was especially rewarding to share my faith. To express a deep desire to serve, to help, to care for people out of my faith. Because to follow Jesus means to live actively in faith: to serve, to love, to use my voice as well as my hands to create justice in this world. In order that this world reflects and becomes the Kingdom of God here and now. Exciting!

…on Tuesday morning this week we looked out of the office window to see about 25 Evergreen students gathered at the top of the drive looking at our building. I went out to inquire. They were on a walking tour downtown of the places that are making a difference in the community. We were on their list. How about that?! We are making a difference in ways we may not even be aware. Thanks be to God! The spirit is at work.

I don’t know about you, but I get pretty excited when I think that a group of students, or anyone for that matter, can see faith in action from the sidewalk. Who knows maybe next time they will come inside.

Marvin Eckfeldt, a retired pastor associated with the Northwest region, chimes in:

What an example of transformative ministry and radical outreach into the community! It is exciting and keeps going on and on and on! A short time ago at the City of Olympia “Day of Caring,” the city choose to do some exterior painting in the parking area and courtyard of the church, as a way of “thanks” and recognition of the work the church is doing in the community, particularly Camp Quixote (homeless shelter in the undercroft parking area during cold winter months) and The Family Support Center (women and children in the formerly unused sanctuary basement) AND a number of other “outside the building” outreach ministries. What faithfulness has developed and matured…They are inspiring others in the region who are also on various transformational journeys! New Beginnings seeds are growing and creating an exciting and amazing harvest of fruit in Olympia!