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2017 Leadership Academy







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Leadership Academy (LA) is returning to Indianapolis September 18 – 22 at a new location, Speedway Christian Church. LA is a leadership event that brings together leaders from across the nation to share leadership experience, wisdom, and trainings. The conference is a five-day event hosted Hope Partnership for Missional Transformation of the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) since 2001.


Tracks (Cohorts)

Start (Pre-launch) Track is designed to empower leaders whose church/projects have yet to launch. During this cohort you will discern your missional purpose, develop your future story and prepare for launch. Led by Rich McCullen and Joey Cotto.

Sustain (Post-launch) Track is designed to empower leaders whose projects recently launched. During this cohort you will develop strengthening practices to grow and maintain a sustainable ministry. This track is also perfect for core teams, congregation/lay leaders and newly-affiliated churches. Led by Terrell L McTyer and Kate Penney Howard.

Soar (Transformation) Track is designed to empower pastoral teams to revitalize and transform congregations to do God’s mission and create a deeper contextual connection. During this cohort you will tackle issues of future vitality and prepare a ministry-planning process. Led by Rick Morse and Michael Whitman.

Denominational Representatives – Regional/Area Ministers, Staff, and Committee Members and Judicatory Executives are encouraged to attend any one of the tracks and/or accompany sponsored attendees.

For questions and more information?

800.274.1883 or leadershipacademy@hopepmt.org