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Transform Mission Pathways

Mission Pathways

For the congregation that wants to move forward and needs a plan. 

The Mission Pathways process shows congregations how to use the capital, relational, and spiritual assets they currently have to be a transformative force in their communities.

Purpose: During the approximately 3-month self-led process you will identify your current resources and create a road map for your future ministry plan.


Phase 1 (Self-Assessment): Your transformation team leader(s) will guide your congregation in a self-led assessment of your finances, membership, neighborhood, building, and ministry activities.

Your leadership will have access to:

  • a series of videos that encourage self-discovery and creativity
  • team-building exercises designed to reorient you to what it is like to be a transforming Church
  • clear, easy-to-follow instructions for conducting the assessment process


Phase 2 (Retreat): Midway through the process, a Hope Associate will come on-site to facilitate a day-long retreat with your congregation’s most inspired leaders.

On the retreat you will:

  • consider your membership demographics and capacity, building assets, connections with the neighborhood and surrounding community, and your spiritual resources
  • imagine new ways of being Church
  • name your resources for doing ministry
  • form recommendations based on your congregation’s current reality and plan how to relate this new plan to your members and neighbors
  • learn how to guide your congregation through the process of developing a Future Story*


*A Future Story illuminates what life-giving ministry will be possible for your congregation if you choose a certain path forward. Based on your financial and membership assets, ministry dilemmas, and mission opportunities, your congregation has options for a transformative Future Story.

Phase 3 (Coaching): As (s)he shepherds your congregation through the discernment process, your transformation leader (clergy or lay) will receive three coaching e-sessions with your Hope Associate.

Coaching e-sessions are designed to help your transformation leader create an individualized Capacity Plan for your congregation, which includes:

  • identifying your congregation’s desired missional activity and matching that with the reality of your current capacity
  • strategies to create new and stronger relationships within your neighborhood and surrounding community
  • clearly describing what you want to do/be and the resources you have/will need to make that happen


Coaching can be extended, with additional fee, as desired.

Phase 4 (Decision): After completing the self-guided process, your transformation team will present your Future Story and Capacity Plan to the congregation for a decision. Together, you will have found your passion, discovered new missional opportunities, and formed a path to get there.

Outcome: A bold 5-year vision for your mission and a plan for action 

Target Audience: Congregations—large or small—with strong, creative leaders who are ready to self-guide, decide, and act

Download a Request Form for Mission Pathways.

Cost: Introductory rate USD $3,400*

(Regular price USD $3,900)

*plus normal travel and maintenance costs for Hope Associate during the Retreat

For more information contact Gilberto Collazo: gcollazo@hopepmt.org 317-713-2534