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Transform New Beginnings

New Beginnings

For the congregation that knows it can’t continue ‘as is’ but doesn’t yet know what to do.

Over 1,000 congregations have engaged the New Beginnings process, with 99% finding clarity and embracing a new vision for their future ministry.

Purpose: During the 6-8-month process you will clarify your context, explore your options, and make an informed decision about your future direction.


Phase 1 (Preparation): Your congregation will provide profile information to Hope Partnership about your current participating church members, church financial reports, and property square footage. Your profile will be used to create your church’s Assessment Report (in Phase 3).

Phase 2 (Assessment Visit): Your Hope Assessor will visit your church to get to know you and your setting firsthand.

During the assessment visit your Hope Assessor will:

  • meet with pastor/moderator/clergy leadership
  • meet with your treasurer/financial officer and review financial statements
  • tour your building and property to learn how the building is used and maintained
  • tour your neighborhood
  • hold an open forum for church members to share the ways your church has excelled in meeting spiritual, missional, and relational needs. Often, this Appreciative Inquiry session is guided by regional/diocesan representatives.*
  • identify the programmatic and missional strengths of your church
  • research the area demographics


*Region/Diocese/Judicatory Participation: Involvement of a region/diocese is a valuable component to the New Beginnings process. When possible, the regional/diocesan representative is invited to attend the Assessor’s visit and participate in leading the Appreciative Inquiry session, using materials provided by Hope Partnership.

Phase 3 (Assessment Report): Following the Assessment Visit, your congregation will receive a comprehensive Assessment Report. In this report, your Hope Assessor will reflect on your church’s assets, current programming, and context. The report will include:

  • your congregation’s demographics and membership tenure
  • a pin map showing location of your membership
  • your community demographics and neighborhood trends
  • financial history and analysis
  • building condition and usage
  • ministry activities and metrics of your congregation’s vitality
  • three possible Future Stories* for your consideration


*A Future Story illuminates what life-giving ministry will be possible for your congregation if you choose a certain path. Based on your financial and membership assets, ministry dilemmas, and mission opportunities, your congregation has options for a transformative Future Story. You are invited to choose and expand on one of the three Future Stories offered in your Assessment Report, or you can create your own.

View a sample New Beginnings Assessment Report.

Phase 4 (House Meetings): Your congregation will have an opportunity to reflect on the Assessment Report in a series of small group meetings held in members’ homes.

House Meetings include:

  • a Hope-led, on-site training session for members of your congregation who will serve as “facilitators” for House Meetings. Your facilitators are trained how to explain and interpret the Assessment Report and to lead a discernment process, using videos, prepared questions, and a clear facilitator workbook guide.
  • an opportunity for every member of your congregation to participate in a relaxed environment. Members are able to absorb each portion of the Assessment Report— its implications and opportunities— in an intimate setting.
  • a four-week period when your facilitators lead your congregation through honest and exciting conversations about what God is calling you to do next in ministry.


Phase 5 (Discernment and Coaching): During this phase, your facilitators and leader (clergy or transformation team leader) will gather to report on the conversations at the House Meetings. The team will analyze all the information gleaned in Phases 3 and 4 to make a recommendation for your ministry’s future direction. As (s)he shepherds your congregation through the discernment process, your clergy (or transformation team leader) will receive three coaching e-sessions with your Hope Associate.

Phase 6 (Decision): Your transformation team will present a recommendation to the congregation, and, together, you will make an informed decision about what you believe God is calling your church to do and be. You will begin to live into your distinct Future Story.

Hope Partnership offers additional ministry planning services for congregations that have adopted their New Beginnings Future Story and want to set it in motion.

Outcome: 99% of all congregations decide on a future path. Of those churches:

  • 60% choose some form of mission re-visioning
  • 35% chose to redevelop the church
  • 5% choose to close, providing their assets for creating new ministry


Target Audience: Congregations seeking to know their options and imagine a new future direction for their ministry

Download a Request Form for New Beginnings.

Cost: Introductory rate $3,650*

(Introductory rate; Regular price $4,500)

*plus normal travel and maintenance costs for Hope Assessor and Facilitator visits

For more information contact Gilberto Collazo: gcollazo@hopepmt.org, 317-713-2534